The Great Plan This is my life, people

i've bought this website and now i don't know what to do with it.....

Mar 21

i still don't know what to do with the website.....
i'm just too busy working away like a busy worker bee.
another day, another design engineering job.

another day, another project around the home.
i suppose i could throw up a status graph of all the things i'm doing

  • - wall2wall, floor2ceiling shelves in the backroom
  • - newly refurbished 30 year old kitchen table
  • - renew smelly rat infested sofa
  • - increased furniture presence in the bedroom
  • - dormer window box
  • - build a multimedia wall unit....
but who'd interested?
you know the email:
make me proactive!

Feb 17

I had porridge for breakfast this morning