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Oranges Moranges:
Nothing still rhymes with oranges.....
.......any suggestions?
Zany Joey C
Zany Joey Chestahairy:
Also known as:
  • Marvelous Malcom Potter of the infamous Potting Shed Gang.
  • Spankin' Steve Spandex of The Teenage Fag Hags.
He is now Front Man Extraordinaire, therefore 100% Felch Free
  • ...despite any suggestion made by this photo.
What's good for the goose:
  • Is always WEAH! WEAH! for the gander.
Bonus Impressionist prize:
  • Runner-up in the Ozzy Osbourne Impersonator Sweepstakes.
Huebert G Rection
Hue G Rection:
  • Too Tall.
  • Used to be fun.
  • Was never known as Percival St. Clair.
Famous examples of Plagiarism:
  • "Need a Lover Tonight"
  • "Hammerhead"
Instruments played:
  • Guitar
  • Guitar
  • Guitar
Zingo Zones
The Great Zingo Zones:
  • Keeps pennies in fridge.
  • Will not play cabaret until age 40.
  • Keeps playing bass line to Mr. Whatsisname.
Also Known as:
  • "Roger The Hat"
  • "Trevor Rocks"
It's alright,
  • The hairline's not receding
The DodgeMeister
Crazy MacMoondog (That's P-U-P-K-I-N):
  • Mickey Thunders, The Cool One, The DodgeMeister .
  • So TOTALLY Dodge, It's Unbelievable.
  • Running out of good dentists..
Special Weapon:
  • Tractor Beam Eyes (It's Official).
Secret Persona:
  • The huff it, the puff it, the stuff it and bull king.
You'd better respect him or he'll take your rectum
Huckleberry Moses Derek Whatbut
Huckleberry Moses Derek Whatbut:
Instruments played:
  • Space Guitar
  • Organ (Not sexual)
Last known gig:
  • Guest appearance - The Attic, Jan 5, 1996
  • OK, Roar, what do you say we do it all over again, eh?
Formed renegade band:
  • Doctor Bombadier's Solar Plexus Technicolor Nexus Blimp.
What's this doing here?
The Two Ronnies:
Bad Taste:
  • Very, Very Bad Taste
It's a good night from me:
  • and it's a good night from him.
Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi
Eddie CarressDeTeste:

Original Founding Member of FIBLMAS
Left the group after a freak gardening accident
Lives off royalties as a recluse in Panama (Photo not available)
Was spotted with Elvis in Vancouver, Canada (March 2, 1997)
  • Nose is on the large side
Vinnie Rampage
Vincent P. Rampage:
  • Keeps winning poker games at Johndo's apartment.
Expert management style:
  • Defeats enemies in poker games at Johndo's apartment.
Best Friend:
  • Cricket bat with breeze-block nailed to it.
Enough ronnies already!
The Same Two Ronnies:
Bad Taste:
  • Very, Very Bad Taste
It's a good night from me:
  • and it's a good night from him.
Many jokes begin with:
  • Schm.
Maharishi Yogi
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:
  • Musical instruction when you're really high on drugs
Inspired the timeless classic:
Special Secret Weapon:
  • Deluxe Bald Head will reflect sun rays, blinding those without specially equipped eye protection.
Will never play cabaret.
........Except Sporanges

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