16:26 March 29 1999 Holles St, Dublin. 
Baby Orla Jean was born to the two proud parents, Conal & Emily, (conal@kaybay.com & emily@kaybay.com) on Monday afternoon.
Here are a couple of pictures of the persons involved
This is Orla after she came out, while we were all in shock from finding out her weight:
10 lbs 9 ozs.
 Brand new baby -- just 30 minutes old!
Emily did very well during labour, (no epidural or anything).
Orla was born 4 hours after Emily came into the hospital
Ooooooooo.... That's a nice cup of tea Less than a half hour old
We couldn't decide which picture was going to be the official new baby shot,
so you can decide:
Pose #1 Pose #2
Happy Dad isn't half as tired as the wife he's so proud of & he loves his two little girls:
YeeHaa for Katie and Orla
Emily's happy its all over    For now, Emily is resting.......
........and Katie can look forward to lots of babysitting: Two sisters having a hug

She's not even a day old in this photo Meanwhile, Orla will be keeping an eye on her web pages...

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