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Hi! I'm Orla Jean. You might remember me from such internet extravaganzas as the baby born over two years ago pictured here ---->

Naturally I'm embarrassed about such juvenile pictures of myself, but as part of my contract with Kaybay I have to include them so that you'll know who's cool and who's a dweeb. If you can't remember, here are the sordid details of my birthday.......

Brand new baby -- just 30 minutes old!

There are some other pictures when I was a baby, still before I could walk....like my little sister is now!

Alternatively, you may remember the embarrasing "funfest" that was my first birthday...

Don't forget about last year's Halloween party.....
There was an update at the beginning of last summer.

Then of course, my second birthday was a lark.
I got a slide for that birthday and all my best friends came over!
But that's all old news........
29 Mar 2001 / 4:25pm
5 Sep 2000 / 8:45pm .....from back in the days when I would fall asleep reading a book..... or perhaps while waiting for my dinner in the high chair.
21 June 2000 / 5:29pm

You're probably interested in some of the things that I get up to around the house now that Mum has other things to occupy her attention......like the bebe (sometimes we call her Patsy). In between reading, generally messing up the place, and
22 Nov 2000 / 8:10pm
screaming at the top of my voice, I love playing with Sadbh. Right from the very first moment I met the little bebe ------------->
everything has been so much more fun with three.....!
11 Oct 2000 / 2:40pm

29 Dec 2000 / 7:40pmBedtime is always good fun, especially when I can sleep
in Mum & Dad's bed. You can see how happy I am with
good company in the best bed in the house. This photo
was taken last year just after Christmas. I've grown since!

This other bedtime snap was taken in May this year.
What a difference in 5 months!
I can't believe how Katie has changed.....!
Click on these pictures, as with the others, for a large version.
27 May 2001 / 10:10pm

16 Mar 2001 / 8pm The man pictured with us on the left had nothing do with with the person who took the photos on the right.
However Emily will have to be alert when I learn how to use the camera.
6 April 2001 /12:30pm

28 April 2001 / 4:15pm

My cousin David Wright was around when Katie received her first communion in April of this year. He's a big soppy luvvy duvvy who has started to walk since I had this photo taken. He was born when I was 6 months old. I even went to his christening. There's a great picture of me at the christening party with my Dad....

10 June 2001.
What I thought was a normal Sunday morn.
Dad tricks me and Sadbh into taking a cute photo.

Don't we look lovely!
10 June 2001 / 9:15am He made up for it by taking us out for a cup of tea and a snack......
Still though, much more of this behaviour and he'll be putting me in dresses.
We all know where that'll lead.....

We were to attend a birthday party at the Coghlans' in Maynooth at the end of July, for a repeat of the party I went to two years before. But what with Aoife, Niamh and Fiona all being sick, we didn't go. We went to a pet farm instead where a congar eel donkey tried to eat my little sister and I chased a warthog. We all slept on the way home, even Mum & Dad............. 28 July 2001 / 3:30pm

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