This is the photo gallery of my first year, from my zeroth birthday up until my highly anticipated first birthday, so that makes this the most exciting year so far for me......
07 Apr 2001 / 9:15am For example, back when I was a pram baby, sitting in the parambulator, I didn't have a hairbrush, and people used to come from miles around to watch the only baby around who could brush her hair with my feet. And when I was a bouncy chair baby, I had a real problem with people nipping at my plutchety leggies. This, of course, was nothing compared to the problem I had with a particularly hungry congar eel one day.........CHOMP!
10 Mar 2001 / 4:10pm
25 Feb 2001 / 5:40pm When Mommy started with all this food stuff, then I realised what all this CHOMP! stuff was about. It's so good I want everyone to try it!

This was my very first salad food.

Wait a minute, Beardo, who are you and what've you done with my Dad?
Is that Emily reading the Sunday paper?

19 Aug 2001 2:20pm
Of course, it's not all good times, is it? 3 May 2001 / 2:10pm Sometimes they call me Super Sadbhy Sleep Slayer

Meet my excellent cousin, Fiona Coghlan. We were kinda hangin' out together one afternoon, over in Portmarnock, about a week after Katie's communion.
She's the only one who understands me, you know, and she's got hair.
  12 May 2001 / 3:25pm  

16 July 2001 / 7:15pm Buggy babies! Nothing makes a bebe happier than being pushed around by another bebe, right? So it was very considerate of Orla to push me around. Well, I decided this was the way to learn to walk, since Orla has the neccessary carriage to steady the buggy, this would be excellent practise.

Of course, I could walk all along....
I just liked being carried around so much!

Hurray for bebe walking!
.......Just in time for the birthday........

Sep 8 2001 / 7:05pm
5 Sep 2001 / 4:45pm 8 Sep 2001 / 3:30pm

10 Oct 2001 / 6:15pm 10 Oct 2001 / 6:55pm

!!!!The HAPPY pictures you were supposed to see!!!!
10 Oct 2001 / 6:20pm
10 Oct 2001 / 7:05pm
10 Oct 2001 / 5:05pm
10 Oct 2001 / 7:20pm

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