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May 19 Klamath Falls, Oregon

Current Odometer Reading In The Van:

Well, this town isn't really all it's klamathed up to be -- I was hoping for a beautiful little country town with lakes and waterfalls and babbling brooks and mountains all around, and of course lots of cowboys to poke fun at. Well, there used to be a waterfall, but apparently it just went away some time. It's a kind of dreary town. Perhaps the rain storm isn't helping. And I discovered that I left my coat behind in Portland. Doh!
Enough doom and gloom.....I'll go get one of those microbrews I stocked up on, and get on to the exciting stuff.....
DOH! No bottle opener! I'll have to use my teeth....Hang on:
YOW! That used to be easier.
So, I went to Crater Lake today. Whoops! Trust me to arrive in the middle of a snowstorm. There's me looking befluxxed and befuddled, wondering why I couldn't have checked on weather conditions before going all the way up there! But I have to say that the van did very well climbing to a record (for the van) altitude of 7122 feet. That's one third the height of McKinley and one quarter the height of Everest. Not bad for an old van. If any of you don't believe me, here's proof. that the van made it! There were 25ft high snow banks along the sides of the road. I suppose August might be a better time to visit.
For those of you who are wondering, Crater Lake used to be Mount Mazama. There was a massive volcanic eruption and the whole center section of the mountain blew into the air (kinda), leaving a big crater in the middle, which has slowly filled up with water over thousands of years, and is now the 7th deepest lake on the planet! Just from rain! It rains a lot in Oregon. I only got a little bit of the lake in the photo...the rest was obscured by snow.
It's cold up here
Oregon Route 58 Oregon is a beautiful state, particularly west of the cascades. Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to explore too much, because, in true Conal-style, I slept in again, this morning. I finally woke up at 11, and then knocked into Joanna at work. She's working in a glasses shop. She got me a super deal on The Best Sunglasses In The World. Wuh Hoo! Rally! Rally! So, anyway, it was after 2 before I left Eugene, so today was a bit of a rush. I've had to knock Redwood National Park of the itinerary, cos I'm wasting all my time sleeping and writing this. Oh well.

Bingo and Gumbo don't seem to mind. They've enjoyed the trip so far. I'm glad I don't have to travel alone, eh? Well, of course I have all you you guys with me too!
Well this is my last night in Oregon...... tomorrow, I cross the state border into California.
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