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May 22 Salt Lake City, Utah

Current Odometer Reading In The Van:

Spent a fair whack of today driving through more of Nevada. I even took side roads, just to see if I could find any secret alien headquarters, but they're really well hidden, so it was another pretty boring day. Just a whole lot of raod and road. One sure gets a lot of metaphysical meditation done during these kind of experiences; only thing is, I forgot it all ....or did I?
There ain't a whole lot more to say, this is surely the most boring part of a so far uneventful road trip. Here's a final look at Nevada, before I hit the state border with Utah:

Just a lot of sage brush, and the odd mountain range. Yee Haa!
Once I crossed into Utah (and saw a whole lotta cops pulling over a whole lotta innocent looking cars), it wasn't too far to The Great Salt Lake.... Didn't get pulled over, though, despite driving a ridiculous looking van.
Well, hey, I arrived at the hotel in Salt Lake City just in time to meet up with Karen, my sister. It'll be nice to have some company for the exciting stuff coming up in the next week.....(Yoikes, that was close; she just came up behing me wondering what pictures of her I'm posting....managed to distract her...). Managed to go out for dinner in an old converted church, Ristorante Della Fontana, Food yeah, great. But it was the bar afterwards that was a bit of a culture shock. They've got some strange laws about le drinkage. Max alcohol percentage: 3.2%.....I go up to this bar (400 South or so) and I ask what kind of beer they have. "Well", said the barguy, "we've got both kinds, Bud and Bud Light". He pours a couple o' beers and I could swear I've never seen a more transparent beer in me life. The stuff tasted like water. It was horrible. There was a gang of people in the bar, but there couldn't have been a single one on a buzz. They were super friendly, though. There were a whole lot of Aaron lookalikes too. (So this is where he fits in!)
Excuse, please, but, more fun, less sit at computer......till tomorrow....

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