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May 23 Price, Utah

Current Odometer Reading In The Van:

Great to have Karen along on the trip, perhaps things'll get more interesting, now. Karen will be with me for one whole week, right up until next Saturday. I think maybe we're going to see some cool things. You can see how very happy we both are to be out on the open road!!!!! Sure beats sitting by the pool. And hey, I'm getting a great tan on my left forearm!
That there up in the corner is Sacajawea,of the Shoshone, guiding me on the trip. I talked about her before.

Utah wouldn't be complete without a quick trip to see that there old Salt Lake:

Salt, seagulls, seaweed, I would've gone for a swim, only for the water was practically bloody freezing. Didn't get to find out if I was gonna float or not. Oh Well. That there sand around that there lake was like that there quicksand. Beware!!!! But I sure felt good romping around in my overalls. "Grab your partner by the ears".
Naturally, a trip to the center of the Mormon universe was in order...Karen was scared that the personal tours that the nuns offer would end up in some kind of solicitation to join their cult-like religion. But those women were SO sweet! They live in such a harmonious world, where peace and harmony are served right alongside the pancakes at breakfast! The "nun" (no special clothing reqd.) who showed us around just happened to be from Europe also! What a coincidence! She came from Norway five months ago, and was totally devoted to the cause......Well, I didn't hang around too long, All those smiling faces began to give me the creeps before long.
So, it's off South into The Great American Landscape!
Aaaaarghhhhh! Check out the flares, dude! Before long, we had to stop for a "special" request from Karen. There was this cove of rock where the echoes of my footsteps sounded like gunshots! Alas the flap of the flares did not echo! Karen didn't make any echoing noises either, at least not that I could tell......Well, enough farting around! Got to get some driving done here. We got as far as Price, a samll town pretty much in the middle of nowhere when we stopped for dinner. One excellent meal and a charming waitress later and we decided to stay the night! And what did we spend our time doing, in this quaint country village? GODZILLA!!!! At my request, of course. We went for a drink after.

Gotta love the private clubs in Southern Utah. Only registered members of these clubs get to drink proper alcyhol. Fortunately, the bar guy found us a "sponsor" (suspicious looking guy at the end of the bar), so we had some piss poor beer after all. Again, transparent piss water. And, they had the audacity to call one of them a Hefeweizen! (luckily I had a six pack of Oregon Hefeweizen stashed in the van. The barguy told my if the cops pulled me over they could arrest me for illegal transportation of alcohol. Uh Oh! "If you don't like it here, why don't you leave", I asked the barguy. "Oh people leave alright", he replied, "but they always come back....". And he looked off into space and sighed. Hehe I'm leaving tomorrow!!!!!!
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