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May 20 Reno, Nevada

Current Odometer Reading In The Van:

Wuh Hoo! All the way through California, into Nevada! I'm gonna be as quick as I can, you see, I've got stuff to do downstairs :}
So, the last thing I did before I left Oregon was buy a rake of Oregon Powerball Lottery tickets. Who can resist the $195,000,000 jackpot? Odds are only 1 in 80 million.
Tonight I'm staying on the very top floor of The Atlantis in Reno. There's a good view of some parking lots from up here. That's nice. It'll be nice to stay here in style, tomorrow, I'll be in the middle of The Nevada Dessert, prolly be sleepin' in the van.
So, I left Oregon today at 12 midday on the nose, and the rain stopped 5 minutes later. After that is was a beautiful drive, although there wern't to many landmarks the route I took.
Some road in California So, it was real nice to drive along these roads with numbers (or is that with no name?), and look at the nice views. The feeling of freedom on a road trip through country like this is overwhelming. There is not much I can think of that is so simple and so enjoyable. I don't really know very much how to put it words in. Me speek Inglich good, ja?
I went for a quick hike up a hill in Eastern California. See if you can spot the van in the picture I took up there........

Susanville, California
I passed through a nice town called Susanville, Calif., tucked away in valley, with snow capped mountains all around. It seemed like the idyllic kind of mountain town you'd want to settle down in. Deer and antelope roaming the very streets (well, nearly). The people were so happy there, it scared the hell out of me. I got a haircut while I was in town. Apparently Sally was the daughter of one Roop, who was the first Governor of Nevada. He founded the city, extended the Nevada border to include the town, and there then followed a sage brush war. Californians and Nevadans through sagebrush at each other until they sorted it out......Hey! That's the way the story goes! Also, there's a weird lake outside town, Honey Lake, which is like an alkili flat. Like a lake of sand instead of water. Weird to look at, but I didn't get a good pic. Here's my attempt. That there in the foreground is sage brush.

My looks have improved during the day:
better with glasses:

OK, enough time wasted up here, I'm off to gamble. You too can waste some time: email me at

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