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June 1 Lebanon, Kansas

Current Odometer Reading In The Van:
I started at 111655

Thanks, Lisa!
Imagine a day without sightseeing. I came close today, the only thing worth seeing today, was pretty sad.
The Exact Geographical Centre of The United States
That's right, it's right here in the God-fearing farm country of North Central Kansas. (And, yes Karen, this also is a (alcohol) dry county. This was most definitely the most pathetic of sightseeing things. There's nothing there....just a marker on a stone in the middle of a cornfield. (Picture of marker - It's big: 112Kb) Oh well, I've done it. I can now move on with my life......
I am looking out for tornados.....I'm driving right through tornado alley here.......(gulp!)

Some good news, regarding the Spice Girls. One down, four to go!
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